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This website was set up at the initiative of several fans of Camisard history. Their goal was to share their passion for this subject and to exchange information, documents and research projects with other experts across the world.

An association was created for this purpose, thus giving our group a legal framework. Our so-called "association d'étude et de recherche sur les camisards" (association for the study and research on Camisard history) was officially registered on 21 October 2000. Its declared objective is to promote the study and research concerning the history of the Camisards, and to help spread such information, particularly by means of a website. Its official address is c/o Mr. Pierre Rolland, Montplaisir, 48160 Saint Martin de Boubaux, France. The Board of Directors is as follows: Patrick Cabanel, president; Pierre Rolland, secretary; Jacques Verseils, treasurer; Colette Tilliet, adjunct treasurer.

The site has no connection whatsoever with any commercial network, and is free of charge. We must, therefore, secure an independent source of funding for its development. We are, therefore, initiating a subscription which should provide a stable and permanent source of revenue. We estimate the cost of the creation and maintenance of the site during the first year at 14.000 FF and we invite you to send your contribution. We shall appreciate your printing the form below and sending it to us with your check or money order.

An editorial board consisting of well known experts in the field will provide scientific supervision. As to the technical functioning of the site, it is now the responsibility of the Abraham Mazel association, which has already achieved a considerable amount of work. Christian Pierredon, especially, has been working on it with great efficiency.

Individuals or organizations wishing to publish some of the material appearing on the site can do so under two conditions: first, by asking permission; second, if permission is granted (and we shall be very liberal in this matter) by mentioning the references of our site and sending us a copy of the publication.