Stained glass of Samuel Bastide (Musée des Vallées Cévenoles)

The site camisards.net is intended for as large a public as possible. It offers all types of documents and critical material, announcements of events and all the relevant available information relating to the War of the Camisards.

In this way, we hope to make the general public more aware of this rebel movement fighting for the cause of religious liberty which, although short-lived, was nevertheless of major historical impact on the minds of the population of this region.

We wish this site to be as open as possible, with no exclusion or censorship of any sort, without any religious or ideological connotations. What we seek is the veracity of the documents we publish, the exactness and relevance of the information released. This will not preclude disagreement or controversy, as long as everyone's good faith permits a debate at a high level of scientific integrity.

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